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Default How do you pursue someone you're interested in when you're in an open relationship?

My boyfriend and I recently decided to try an open relationship. I'm in my last year of college and I told him that sometimes I feel like I missed out on the whole "college experimentation" phase that most of my friends have gone through, and now he is encouraging me to give it a try.We love each other very much and are very happy together, but he is the only person I've ever kissed/dated/had sex with and and I'm the only person he's ever dated/had sex with, so sometimes we feel curious about other people.

There is a guy in one of my classes who I am very sexually attracted to and I would like to try experimenting with him (by experimenting I mean mostly physical stuff, but I would also like to be friends if he wanted to). He is rumored to be a bit of a lady's man and I think he might at least be attracted to me, but so far he has not really made any moves, probably because we're facebook friends so he knows I have a boyfriend.

My question is, how actively would you pursue someone new when you're in this kind of relationship? Should I leave it to fate, like if he makes a move I go with it but if not i forget about him? Or is it OK for me to initiate things with him and actively pursue him? Would it be more appropriate to get to know him/ invite him out for coffee, or to be upfront and tell him exactly what my situation is and put the offer on the table? I'm just looking for a bit of advice since I'm new to this stuff