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I too have had some negative opinions voiced in my life, hell in some ways it's like a lot of the LGBTQ and other people in Arizona would rather stomp on other down people in the world than unite.

I've had a Mormon Ask me why I would choose to have god hate me.

Heard the open and checked expression by ASU LGBTQ lead members that polyamory is hurting their ability to provide positive change in this world.

Been told bisexuality is for gays who don't have the guts to be gay. (And at a later date when I explained carefully how I select my partners told me I must have other medical flaws such as some form of Autism or Aspberger's Syndrome for describing what was in essence pansexuality, when at the time I didn't know the word).

With the acceptation of my father a stern and disapproving glare got the message across...much harder to keep an even emotional state when receiving such scorn from your family.
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