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Hi Bruce,
Welcome to our forum.

Communication is usually the most important part of making a poly relationship work, so get a lot of practice at it, knowing we can always become better communicators.

You'll be fortunate if you can accomplish zero jealousy. Almost everyone (including polyamorists) experiences jealousy from time to time. If it happens, the key is to just be honest about it, and do some internal exploring to find out what's the cause. (Sometimes there's a valid external cause, so you have to look for that too.) But it's no cause for panic, nor any reason to feel down about yourself. It just happens.

When living together, sometimes it's important for each person to have a "private space" they can retreat to. But everyone's different, so your triad will have its own unique needs.

So far, it sounds like you guys are getting along together just fine. If you keep reading and posting on, it will help smooth out some bumps in the road.

Glad you're here,
Kevin T.
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