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Default Soul Searching

Hi everyone. My wife has recently come to me about wanting an open marriage. She feels confined by traditional marriage, and wants to explore new sexual relationships.

Until she came to me with this a few months ago, I never in a million years would've thought about this. I just always pictured us living the monogamous life until the end of our days. To say that I am overwhelmed by doubt, concern, worry, fear, etc., would be an understatement. But I love my wife dearly, and I don't want to split up our family (we have two children, age 10 and 6).

I think I am willing to try letting her date other people. I just don't know how I am going to be able to handle the jealousy and insecurity. I can be emotional and overly sensitive. I guess I am kind of high maintenance emotionally. So I am scared that I will just be crushed any time she is out with someone.

She hasn't started dating anyone yet, but I think she has been talking a guy that lives in our city recently. So I fear I am going to have to decide sooner rather than later if I can handle all of this.

I came to this site hoping to find similar people who have entered an open marriage reluctantly. If I can find anything about how to handle jealousy and insecurity I think it would be very helpful.

Anyway, that's my basic story. I look forward to meeting and talking to many great new people!

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