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My husband and I are part of a quad with another married couple. We avoid labels and haven't necessarily named what we have poly, but that is clearly what it is. We've yet to meet (except online) any other poly people and we're still kind of figuring things out as we go along.

For professional reasons, we could never even consider going on a show like yours, but appreciate the people who agree to.

We loved your show. The sex scenes didn't bother us like some have expressed, but they also aren't why we watched it. We watched it for the group dynamics and just to learn from observing how the groups structured their relationships, how they communicated, how they resolved conflict, etc.

We'd love to see more about daily life and group dynamics in future seasons. We'd also like to see groups that don't live together. We spend weekends with our friends, them staying with us or us with them, but we don't live together. I'm just guessing, but there are probably a lot more groups that don't live together than that do, so more of us could probably relate to that scenario.

Can understand why you included so many sex scenes...after all, group sex can be amazing, is the stuff of fantasies for many people, and sex sells. But I agree that isn't what poly is all about and don't want people to get the wrong idea, so hope there is less sex and more group dynamics in future seasons.
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