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Originally Posted by Lydia1 View Post
Oh! When you guys mentioned a blog post I at first didn't know what you meant. I thought you were saying something like - tell your story to livejournal. I didn't realize that was a whole category here on the Forum. If you guys think this definitely fits better there, I'll ask the moderators to move it.

I don't think THIS thread needs to be moved there. I think you should start a NEW thread there to continue writing things that you may not require people to pick apart and give you free advice about. I think it would be beneficial for you personally. You could have John and Sarah read about what's going on with you without it seeming like folks are ganging up on them. That's what tends to happen in discussion/advice threads, even though it's usually coming from a place of wanting to help whoever started a particular thread. Blogs are primarily for the purpose of reflection, identification, and neutral commentary.

That's just what I think, and you don't have to do it if you don't feel like it.

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