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Default Polyamory and Ethnicity

I've been very active in observing and learning about the poly community over the last three years or so and one thing that has continued to stick out is the ethnic makeup of the poly world.

My direct experience has been with the poly community in Los Angeles but I've interacted with poly people across the US and I usually slip in a question about it. Obviously this deals mainly with people who are comfortable enough to go out to groups, get photographed, and talk to people online about the way they live. I'm firmly convinced that there are probably double, tripple, or even quadruple the number of ACTUAL poly people out there than those who make themselves visible.

Thus far it seems the poly community is heavily slanted white, at least in the US. I've also noted an almost complete lack Asian as well as a very low occurrence of African-American community members. I've had people comment on this before as sort of a general knowledge factoid, somewhat similar to the higher instances of Aspergers individuals in the poly community; its acknowledged, just un-explained.

What have your observations been on the ethnic makeup of the poly community?
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