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Thank you I dont know why I find Stitch as endearing as I do, considering my profound dislike for virtually everything else Disney.

Discussing polyamory with mono people, in my experience, follows one of several conversation trees. Its like a bad RPG.

It starts the same:
Me: I'm polyamorous. (Usually after being asked for clarification on labels of lady friends)
Them: What's that?
Me: Its a romantic relationship involving more than two people where everyone is aware and accepting of all the participants

At this point, a question follows:

1. So do you all, like, have sex?
2. Where do you all sleep?
3. Isn't that cheating?
4. Dont you get jealous?

Which I usually respond:

1A. Some relationships choose to do that, others dont.
2A. Each relationship is different, you make the ground rules about things like that with each other
3A. Cheating is having multiple romantic partners while claiming to be monogamous and lying about your other partners.
4A. Sure, but you deal with problems like that openly and honestly and most people can adjust.

Which is followed by:

1. (Female Response) Ugh, I dont know if I'd want to have sex with more than one guy at a time.
1. (Male Response) Sweet! Two chicks at once!
2. I'm too jealous to share.
3. I can barely handle one relationship, let alone multiple!
4. I'm too jealous to share.

I swear, its like a programming language.
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