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As much as I enjoyed the first season, I'm...a little hesitant about the idea of there being another season.

The show just seemed to have a disproportionate focus on the sexual aspect of polyamory. Even the intro is hypersexual and I'm worried that people who aren't poly will draw the wrong conclusions from seeing the show.

Those of us here understand what we're seeing and get that polyamory is much more than a constant sex-fest. Mono people seeing the show I'm worried will take the wrong message away.

The concept of loving more than one person in a romantic way is such an alien concept for most people.

Dont get me wrong, I'm extremely excited to see polyamory in the national view but again I'm a little worried that the core message of the show is really only going to be heard by people who already speak the language. Preaching to the choir so to speak.
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