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Default Best way to approach someone(s) about a triad? ("group relationship")

Hullo everyone! It's nice to meet all of you;I'm here to ask for a bit of advice today.
There are two people, both of which I have romantic history with, who I've been attempting to approach in regards to a polyamorous relationship;specifically what's known as a "group relationship", I believe? As mentioned, I've been involved with both of them in the past, and I have reason to believe that they both have at least some romantic interest in one another. However, I've never been in any sort of polyamorous relationship before, and though I've been doing a considerable amount of reading up on the subject, I would like a bit of advice on the best way to...proposition the two of them, so to speak. Is it better to do it in person, at the same time, separately, through a letter so I can compile my thoughts more concisely, etcetera? What sort of things should I say? I'm open to any and all advice, as I'm beginning to feel rather lost at this point.
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