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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Oh no need to be sorry - but at this point I'm just like "whatever". You seemed like you were really upset and in crisis at first and now you're just all, "we'll make it work, we're all human". So, like, grooovy. Peace out.
I think that's because people have helped me, especially GalaGirl. When I started I felt incredibly alone, because I was. The two people in the world I'm closest to are John and Sarah, so I had no one outside the situation to talk to, and I was incredibly upset, and feeling hopeless. Now I feel like there's a plan, or at least structure to how to move forward.

The catharsis of getting it all out has also helped me a lot. I think it helps to talk the whole story out, so it's not just living in a pit in my stomache.
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