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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
For the past few posts you've been see-sawing between "i'm sure monogamy is the only thing for me"
Actually, I've never said that. I've said that full out polyamory, where all relationships are independent and equal and sexually active is absolutely not an option. But I have not said that strict monogamy, with no other loves or relationships, is an absolute need. Of course it's a want (we had a happy monogamous relationship before this, and it would be such a relief to have the simplicity and peace of that back), and I also want a million dollars and a lifetime supply of chocolate, but I can live without them.

It's starting to give me a headache, so my usefulness is at an end in this thread (if it ever began in the first place).
Hey, I'm sorry if my backstory is long. There are a lot of complexities to this whole thing, and when people asked for clarification, or an aspect seemed like it hadn't really been explained, i filled in the blank spots. I appreciate the help that everyone has given me with their feedback. There are lots of great resources, points, advice, and suggestions in all the responses. If you don't want to continue reading this thread or responding, I won't take it personally. It's all good. ;-) Thank you for the help you've already given me.
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