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Originally Posted by cherrygirl View Post
So, I'm asking you all this. Why isn't one person enough? Please don't take this as me judging you, because I'm not, I'm really curious as to know why. This is the part I don't understand.
My wife asks this type of question as well. She doesn't quite like my answer, so it may not be so good for you.

Basically, we surround ourselves with people we like. In a monogamous culture, we draw artificial boundaries that says, "This relationship stops at this activity." Poly removes this concept and lets relationships go where they may. If you are feeling closer to a friend, let the relationship become closer. If you are feeling more distant from a lover, let it relax back into friendship. So in a sense, it can be more of a philosophy than a "need."

From another perspective, it is a desire like many of our other desires. Many people want more than one pet, or more than one child, or more than one good friend, or more than favorite food. We don't "need" more than one, but we understand the desire for more than one in these circumstances. Having another lover can also be explained by this same desire as well.
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