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Sounds like an in-depth talk is due with Foxy, just letting him know you need more of his undivided attention. Something like, "I need us to talk more often, and without doing other things while we're talking." It sounds like communication and keeping in touch isn't as important to Foxy as it is to you. Maybe he has a different love language, or just isn't as intensely involved.

You should probably talk to 'Yena about this too, considering some of your scheduled contacts have slipped her mind. I doubt they slip your mind, so there is a disconnect there. Can you call her if she doesn't call you?

It's okay to vent a little to Kitten, but you should also go straight to the people that are causing you some anxiety by their failure to really be present when they're supposed to be talking to you. You don't have to frame this as something they're doing bad, you can point out to them that you still have some childhood issues and could use some help with that.

The important thing here, from what I can tell, is working up the nerve to have these difficult conversations. Also maybe you could do some reading while waiting for things to run and compile, or find other things you're interested in to help with that.

I'm sure things will be difficult for awhile, but there are probably things you can do to mitigate that.
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