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Originally Posted by Lydia1 View Post
I asked them, as I said I would, if they'd like to join this thread. They've each read it, and said they didn't think they could. Sarah's already bombarded by friends who don't know the whole story telling her she's wrong, and John feels like since I'm the one telling the story you will only empathize with me as the protagonist.
That's too bad; that's their choice. We will never have the opportunity to know their side of the truth, therefore the only person we can empathize or sympathize with IS you.

Another thing that's too bad is that you seem to be concerned with everyone else's social and emotional welfare and they don't seem at all concerned with yours. Is that a motif that has always been a feature of your personality and relationships? You try to take care of everyone around you and the less concern they show for you, the more you reach out and try to defend their position?
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