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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
I more often get the "Well, if it works for you..." but done in such a dismissive tone that's it's one of those "I don't agree with it, but I don't want to know any more about it, so please stop talking about it." It feels sort of passive-aggressive to me.
I get that a lot. While my sister says it's not actually as agressive as calling me a slut or telling Peaches he ought to find a better girl for him (both did happen more than once or twice), I really think it's meant to be offensive. As you said, really passive-aggressive and does come off as "It may work for you, but I'm a better person than THAT"

I'm not feeling really affected by all the prejudice and slut shamming. CC is the one having the bigger problem with this I guess, in part because me and Peaches have been doing "out of society's little box" stuff besides from poly a long time before that. We are used to people bashing us for random reasons, Peaches even gets a good laugh out of it most of the times.

But I worry for CC. He has self-esteem problems already, and I can't help feeling it's my fault he is having to deal with this now.
Me, female in a V with Peaches, live in boyfriend and CC, boyfriend.
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