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I'm glad I could be of help.

About the feeling empowered thing, it IS empowering. Think about it: how mature and how confident you have to be. How much you trust your relationship and partner. How confortable you are with each other.
How many people spend a lifetime looking for such connection?

And I also experienced a great improovment on my sex life with Peachs since CC. I fell in love with Peaches all over again, part because of realising we trust each other so much, and have such a solid relationship that nothing - nor insecurities, nor third parties - would dissolve.

Originally Posted by lolita View Post
One of the things that bothers me is she is 10 years younger than me and that makes me feel insecure and inferior.It actually bothers me that I am bothered by that because i am generally a pretty confident woman. And then there is the jealousy that he gets excited about seeing her,talking to her etc etc etc...
Girl power momment - Don't let society dictate it's crazy standards on you. XD (feminist side taking over here for a moment) I'm sure you know that, but being older makes you only better, more experienced, mature and AWESOME. Never inferior. This "the younger the better" thing is a sexist double standard (after all, no one seems to be bothered with men growing old) and you should not let it get to you. I'm sure you were an awesome woman 10 years ago. And that makes you DOUBLE AWESOME now. - girl power momment off -

As for being jaleous about him getting excited to see her and all that, keep in mind that this is NRE (New Relashionship Energy) and it's natural for him to be excited about it. Even more when he discovered his wife to be so accepting and open to this. When Peaches reacted so well to my new relationship I was SO excited ALL the time beacause he was being so awesome, and CC was making me happy too, and Peaches being cool about it made possible that I shared my happiness with him. That's how I see it, at least.

You are not sounding silly at all. This is hard to adjust to. But wanting this to be positive to everyone is the first step, and you're on it already.
Me, female in a V with Peaches, live in boyfriend and CC, boyfriend.
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