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Originally Posted by glowinthedarkstars View Post
After P met me he started hooking up / sort of dating, two other girls.. .since then hes come to the conclusion that he no longer wants to date younger girls who arent sure of what they want. because most girls say "im open to poly" when they really arent.
Hum. I could be way off base here, because all I have to go on is what you've written and it's really hard to get the full story in a couple of posts on the 'net.

First of all, I'm guessing that P is as young as you are - or in that range.

It sounds to me like P has latched on to the concept of poly as an excuse to ... well .. fuck around. You said in your other thread that:
Ps poly but flirts and makes out (or hooks up sometimes) with loads of girls
So it seems to me that he is acting like he can "hook up" with other girls and he can send you off to have drunken sex with a friend and no one can say anything about it because .. hey man, I'm poly. And if the girls are upset that he's flirting around with yet other girls, they're being unreasonable because ... hey dudes, I'm poly and if you're not, then I don't want to be with you.

So he's giving himself a bye to be promiscuous by simply saying "I told you from the start I was poly" and thinking that's ok because he's being open about it.

The thing is though, just being open with someone about "hooking up" with other people isn't what makes you poly. You seem have come to that awareness in yourself - you said in your other thread that you didn't think what you did was poly. But I think based on what you've written that P is bastardizing the whole concept and using it as an excuse to be ... well ... kind of a jerk, based on what you've written.

It doesn't sound to me like P is actually seeking out mature, connected relationships. It sounds to me like he's fucking around. And that's where SeventhCrow's signature really hits home: It ain't poly if you're just fucking around.

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