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Default how to slay the dragon once and for all?

Hello everyone,

It's been a little while since I've posted, but of course, three months cannot pass without a new poly dragon to slay. Mind helping me please? Background info on my footer, below post. ~~long as always - sorry!!!~~

So, I am having real trouble accepting a particular guy in my GF's life. She has known him at a distance for about a year. They played hot and cold and then 5 months ago he went away for business and they kissed at his leaving party. He's due back in a few weeks... Just as my stay here ends and I go back to the UK....

For some reason, he's always been the one guy I've told her I would be the most uncomfortable with her dating. I used to have a crush on a woman who I can probably never have and we used to joke that this guy and that woman were our two big deals in terms of.... date them and there might be a lot of work!

Anyway, my worst nightmare came true and she's probably going to sleep with him when I go back to England. They are messaging every day, pretty much sexting every day.

My GF has been extremely patient and understanding, reassuring etc. Much more so than she used to be. I can honestly say that aside from not dating him, she couldn't do anything else to make me happier. (But I would never veto).

Many things bother me about him. I keep trying to pinpoint what it is and how I can get over it. Firstly, I just don't like him very much. We usually meet each other's secondaries after a couple of dates. I finally got to meet him online the other day. The three of us got in a chat box and the first thing he did was tell my GF that she sends the hottest texts he's ever read. No hello to me or anything. At one point, he and my GF had been talking about spanking for 20 minutes (during which time I went for a smoke because I was so bored)... I returned and he said "I don't want your friend to feel left out". She took that as a really sweet thing - I could only see the word 'friend'. I am her primary partner, her wife, if we were permitted to marry. I am not her 'friend'. That really pissed me off!

((To be honest, I think he's just young (24) - I don't think he means any harm. I just think he's insensitive and a bit clueless.))

My GF and I talk about everything, but she didn't tell me about their kiss until days later. That really freaked me out. She said that she didn't know how to tell me, because she knew how much he bothered me.

We have more of a polysexual agreement with others; with the acceptance that love can happen - but none of us are actively seeking, desiring or encouraging it. He had a phone call with her the other night, for the first time. I was in the room. When she got off the phone, she said "err... I think you're right... he is a bit smitten... I should be careful." Then she left her phone open the next day and I saw that she had written something like "you were so adorable on the phone last night, falling asleep but not wanting to hang up... it just made me want to stroke your head in my lap..." wtf?!

She insists that she's not falling in love with him... but I am wondering otherwise. And if she is, she is. I'd just rather not be made a fool of. And i've told her that. But... I don't know.

To top it all off, they've been getting hotter and hotter over the past month or so - whilst our sex life has gone down and down. The reason is really to do with other limitations, like our toddler, business, etc etc; but then the breaking point came last night, when I heard her masturbating, then realised today that she'd been texting with him just beforehand. That has kind of messed with my head.

Basically, I just can't do this any more. Every time I see or hear his name I want to scream. I am determined to move past it. I also don't want my GF to have to give him up; nor listen to me moan on every damn day.

She has said a couple of times that she feels she should break it off, because he upsets both me and her husband. I've said it's not necessary. He hasn't specifically done anything wrong. It's our insecurity.

What about you guys? What would you do in this situation, if you were my GF, or if you were me? Have you been through something like this yourself?

Any advice or stories you can give would be so greatly appreciated.
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