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maybe slut isnt good word choice for this whole topic....

I think P is probably confused about what poly is, and I agree with someone else who said that from the outside (my) perspective, what you're doing is maybe swinging - or beginning to swing. But again. I wouldn't say it was poly at all.
I hardly think what I was doing was poly! In fact I figured it had nothing to do with being poly at all. It was me being a 20 year old girl, in college, drunk, trying something new for fun...something that I knew my boyfriend wouldnt have a problem with.

I don't know much about swinging....ill have to read up on this.

I knew P wouldnt mind about what happened as he does the same, but I wasnt expecting him to reply to me by basically saying, see how awesome being poly is? i told ya so. (okay that isnt exactly what he said...but basically). Poly is about connections, about love...not random drunk sex, or this is what I thought/think.

I think I am going to talk about this with P. it isnt an issue, but its something I wonder about. I just want to be on the same page as him, yknow =)

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