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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
Does he show you your importance in other ways like how he treats you around friends or family or are there other things he does to make you feel valued that you might be overlooking because of your feelings about the OKC profile?
I do feel that he is commited to me in the present. I've met his kids, some of his friends, we have plans for the holidays, he tells me he loves me, and he gives me a lot of attention.
I guess my fear is that he will meet a woman who has issues with non-monogamy, and that he will like her so much that he'll want to be monogamous with her... but yeah, he could meet that woman anywhere, not just on OKC... and I know that there's no tellng what the future will bring.

We did have a good email conversation about it yesterday... I mentioned to him that while I understood his motives, it did upset me just a little... and that I did not say that to make him change his mind, but just to share my feelings. I feel really safe bringing things up with him. He's a great guy and I love him so much
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