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In the best of circumstances, maybe we could make our hybrid of monogamy and polyamory work, without there being resentment of the limitations. I don't know.
You seem stuck on worrying about however it is they may or may not feel. Let that go for a moment and concentrate. Stop focussing on what you do not want.

Alright. Focus on what you want as best compromise thing. So what would this "hybrid" look like to you?

So far I'm hearing people going round in circles and nobody putting an offer on the table but you.

So... flesh this offer out. What does it look like?

(But if you are not wanting to compromise or feel put upon to compromise half heartedly because you just fear a resentment thing? You are better off sticking to monogamy and breaking clean NOW.

No half hearted efforts here. Are you IN or OUT? Can't sit on the fence forever.

Or you could, and time will sort it all out for you guys. Someone else will pop like Mike seems to have.

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