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Default How can I be a good mono wife to my Poly husband?

Hi everyone,

I have spent some time reading through some post's.I am trying to get a better understanding of the road I am heading down.

Okay so I am Mono and my husband is Poly...
We have had threesomes in the past, which was fine but I don't want to go there for myself anymore.
He had an emotional affair (I say affair because it was without my knowledge) We were at a different place in our marriage then. It took time but with a lot of communication,tears and time I got over it.
There is now a new girl in the picture, it has been building between them for a few months now.I have seen it and he has told me about their discussions and flirting, she is our mutual hairstylist. So tonight he is going for a haircut and their 1st date.

Am I allowed to ask questions?
Why do I feel so insecure?
Because she is 10 yrs younger?
Because she excites him?
Will she take over from me?
How do I be a good mono wife to my Poly husband?
I'm mad a t myself for feeling insecure and jealous...
What do you do with yourself when they are out together???

Any and all feedback appreciated.
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