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Originally Posted by Lydia1 View Post
The thing is - he WILL feel loss if he loses his romantic relationship with Sarah. So if they have to break things off entirely, and just be friends, I don't think it's emotional blackmail or even unrealistic to foresee that he will resent me for it if I am the cause of that loss.
But you need to take care of how YOU feel. Let him take care of how HE feels. Yes, i know that's the textbook thing to say, and sometimes it's easier said than done. But if he's calling you "pessimistic" (translation: don't agree with him) and being all pouty, then he's not taking care of how YOU feel, either (and someone has to say it - so it might as well be me) but he's taking care of how his DICK feels. Someone upthread said that you don't have to have sex to love someone and be in a relationship with them, or something to that effect. But whatever, I have nothing invested in your relationship and it doesn't make any difference to ME, especially if everything I said turns out to be incorrect.

So, John (and Sarah), if you're reading this, it's nothing personal. I'm just spewing out free advice based on what I imagine COULD be the case, in the absence of further information. Please enlighten us all to the contrary, or whatever may be the case. I am sure most people would agree that we'll progressively give more useful as more information becomes available.
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