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My show this past weekend was the best yet. I got a standing ovation and have been asked to commit to doing several shows before christmas. I'm so excited yet the shows conflict with birthday and travel plans I have to go to Nova Scotia, Canada with Mono.

Having four partners means lots of birthday celebrations so I sent out an email to all of them giving them some dates as to when I'm free to do various things from group celebrations to individual ones. So far I am being made dinner and taken out to dinner by PN and Mono. yay! Love being treated to a great meal.

Last weekend was Mono's birthday. I got in touch with much of our friends and we all went to a restaurant together. I think this was the first birthday where many people showed up that are not family. Usually he doesn't want anything major, just my parents, PN's parents and us. It was fun and I think he enjoyed seeing that people love and care about him.
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