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Originally Posted by Anek View Post
The best thing for Andi would be for me to tell him that he's better off with someone else who doesn't treat him like I do. I know I don't give him priority, because honestly why should I? I have more fun with the others. But that's unfair toward him
Well no, that wouldn't be the best thing for Andi, because then you would be agreeing with him you are not treating him right in some way, and I don't get that at all from your post. If you stop seeing him I would say he would be better off "with somebody who wants the same sort of relationship and lifestyle he wants"

In this case I would go with logic. It does not matter if you love Andi or not, it seems what you want is pretty incompatible right now, and he would have to do a lot of changing and self work to make it so he didn't see himself as some sort of victim, to learn how to communicate, to express his feelings. As you haven't suggested it's his desire to learn relational skills, all the burden would be on you for the next year or three to push the relationship to become healthier.

HA! I just read GalaGirl's post and I think she sums it up with pure simplicity. "You do not sound happy dating Andi. Stop dating Andi."
Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.
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