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Default heartbroken part 2

hi everyone,

I will write about what has happened before and now:

We had a rough patch with J ( mine and my primary partner G girlfriend)

we spoke via msn J was getting fed up with the same conversations and we asked her a few quesions:

we asked about why they couldn't come on sunday evening after the day out. J and B (J's primary partner) said they had friends drop over and wouldn't leave.

but really they lied and J said this:

''No... we said that so you wouldn't be hurt, because we couldn't exactly say "we don't want to come over because you went all quiet and angry while we were out"

I was hurt of course by the lying and told her that the lying hurt more.

she said:

''I've said I'm sorry, can't we just leave it now?''

we started talking about our relationship and the fact I am always referred to the best friend and not the girlfriend

J: She IS my best friend
G: so has she ever been your gf?
G:is she now?
J:I don't want to lose either of you

I am trying to work out what she means by the last comment, she doesn't want to lose us both but it is like she doesn't want to tell the truth because I may get upset, want to stop seeing her and try and stop G from seeing her.

next question:

Me:do you think you have to be my gf ( if we even are) to be gaz's? honestly

to me this means she felt she had to be my gf to be G. this wasn't want she wanted with me?

J:I always wanted to see J (me) just as much as I wanted to see you

J:I loved both of you equally, but I always felt like J (me) got upset if I saw you but not her

Me: but are you my gf? do you love me as much as I love you.
J:If I say yes, will it keep us from having this discussion over and over?

there are so many mixed comments here and I can't work out what she is feeling and how she feels or felt about me.

and now the now. I have watched J text G everything she misses about him, how she feels, texts him everyday untill two days ago( she went quiet on us) it breaks my heart, the only time she texts me is to shout at me.

I am posting really to try and help work this out and I can't talk to G, he just shouts at me and its breaking us apart and I can't lose him.

thanks for reading xx
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