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Default New to Poly, not so new to the site

Hello. Long time lurker (a few months), first time poster that finally decided to come out of the shadows. I don't really know the right way to introduce myself on these forums, so I'll just relate how I ended up here.

A few months ago I met someone online; a married guy looking for a new playmate for his wife. We spoke at length for a few weeks, partly about her and what they were looking for; but also getting to know each other. We found we had a lot in common (we were both outdoorsy, for example), and I have to admit that at least half of the appeal of getting involved with them was gaining a friend in him (at this point I didn't really know much about her).

It didn't pan out between us, though, as I ended up giving it another shot with an ex of mine. That relationship ended and I thought back on a possibility I missed out on. I had heard the term Polyamory before but had not paid much attention to it up until then. From the little I knew of it, it seemed like the closest definition of what they were proposing so I started puttering around the internet looking for resources.

Eventually I came upon this site, signed up, and started diving into other people's experiences posted here to learn as much as I can about this lifestyle.

I'm pretty sure that I am polyamorous...or at least non-monogamous. I've never had multiple relationships at the same time, but I have been in a relationship with a woman who, in turn, had other relationships. It was more of a friends-with-benefits arrangement than a romantic relationship; but I did not feel any jealousy or insecurities so I believe that this lifestyle will at least not be damaging to me.

That's all I have for now. Take care, whoever reads this.
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