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Originally Posted by Anek View Post
It might also be that you have a great two weeks and then decide never to meet again. It doesn't need to be a catastrophe just because you never met.
That's a good point. I tend to assume people know I don't talk on "beyond doubt and 100% certain of it" terms. My bad.
Of course it's not 100% chance of disaster with this, it never is.

I guess I never thought about this aspect because in a way, I feel this might be the only time we might meet. Sure we have plans for more but you never know. We both talked about what if we meet and there is nothing...but I guess we went all in.
I know the feeling, of having the need to enjoy every moment of it, since you're not sure if you'll ever have another.
I can't help but feel moved by this. It makes me feel happy for you.

But never mind me being silly, the question Anek made you is an important one: Where is the jaleousy coming from?

Edit: Nevermind the question, I guess we posted at the same time.
I have little advice to give you about fear of being raplace, sadly, since I've been strugling with this myself. I guess all I could say is that mybe getting at the same page with her would help.
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