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Originally Posted by Anek View Post
It might also be that you have a great two weeks and then decide never to meet again. It doesn't need to be a catastrophe just because you never met.

On the jealousy, why are you feeling jealous? Are you afraid of being replaced, either as a lover or as a friend?
We get along so well and talk endlessly on the phone, it never really occurred to me about it being such a long time together. We'll see how that goes.

As for the jealousy, well, it's a little bit the lover part but it worries me a whole lot less than being replaced as a friend. I have always had abandonment issues and my recent divorce has done nothing to help that. I do worry about losing her as a friend. I'm cynical to the end and the way I see it, she found me on that forum and she's very active online in penpal sites and other forums. Who's to say she won't meet someone else? It seems to me she's always seeking that next thrill and adventure.
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