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Default Heart Broken...but She don't care

So...I talked to PK and her and Terry still have not talked...she told me about the night at the bar and no relationship talked happen. PK also told me that she (PK) has decided to not to push for the relationship. She didn't tell me but I could tell her heart was a little hurt, so I asked and she admitted that I was correct. But PK told me that (unlike other heart aches) this one is easily bareable because she has me in her life.

Anyway, we live, we love, and (sometimes) we hurt! PK is hurting but she don't care...but I still do! I'm not gonna say anything to Terry (about that) and I'll still remain friends with her because we were friends before all this happened.

Now, I wonder will Terry feel the same...I'll see her tomorrow night and I will be able to see if she acts the same...I really hope so, she is a good friend and I don't want to ruin, my 'question of the day' is if Terry does act fifferent towards me, do I say something? Or just let the friendship (between Terry and I) go where ever it goes on it's own? This is my first time so I need a little advice.

Thanks in advance.
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