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Default One Of Many Lost

To be honest I don't have any clue what is the right way to introduce myself here...I've rewritten this post a dozen times and as both an engineering student and a creative writer this frustrates me quite thoroughly through both my creativity and logic. I have written posts that would babble and posts that would be drama in my emotional rhythm and others that would bore the earth's stones.

I am spoken for, but those I love are at this time scattered on the wind chasing dreams and building towards our goals as a family. I am a weak, insecure person however, who can not help but ache for them and I haven't any advice on how to express myself or care for them or how to best be diplomatic about our problems. I am one of many lost and youthful who is looking for advice and friends so that I might better myself and my family and maybe along the way gain some confidence to shore up my own insecurities.
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