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Thanx kdt. She never actually said im the coolest wife ever. That was just my sarcasm showing. Lol. I guess it just hurts that im not included in their millions of conversations. Mainly becuz im at work all day and since my husband is his own boss... I dont think shes looking down at me. Not at all really. Im just very jealous that she talks to my husband more than i do. Im really trying not to b so selfish. Its just very hard sometimes. He has always given me what i want whenever i want it. Im a spoiled brat. Lol. Its also hard because he is not used to talking about his feelings. I asked him again about the bad husband thing and we talked about it. I told him that if he couldnt take this kind of thing...and it was too damaging to his mental state and made him feel guilty...that he would have to make the decision to continue this and we would have to talk to her to change something or whatever. That was last nite. Every time i asked him if he had thought about it and come to any conclusions, he avoided the topic. I told him i noticed he avoided it, too. I just think that since im his wife...and he loves me more than life itself...its hard for him to tell me these things about another woman.
I think a sit down is a good idea. We have done it frequently before. He did realize though that communication is sooooo important. So thats good. I still feel crappy today...but not because of yesterday. Hopefully it passes soon...and all gets resolved.
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