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G/G, I don't know if they would go for a regular check in time, I think they are both to comfortable with this to feel they need to spend time regularly going over my issues, but when I bring up the need for a talk I will see if they are happy to schedule another one.

So I have gone through page 4 and turns out despite all of the heartfelt chats my wife and I have had Fear is the top of the list, I know better and want to control it but it's just so easy to imagine the worst case scenario despite all the reassurance etc!!
Competition and Exclusion share second place for all the reasons listed on that page, but the most interesting thing is that I seem to have discovered an equally sizable dose of Envy to match my Jealousy, nice!!

So I think it is because its a mix of the two evils which is why I am struggling to get a handle on what it is exactly that's going on with me, for example, they have spent this morning following our night together texting each other and I am screaming inside to be included and know whats being said even though I know it is probably all just irrelevant girl gossip etc.

But then talking openly about it on here does seem to be helping a little
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