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I have not mentioned about having a "talk" with them although I have indicated to Rose that it will need to happen soon. I think bringing it up now would create uncertainty and could bring on the need to talk about it there and then, I will wait until after the weekend and then ask them for a suitable time to sit down together asap.
Make it the normal check in time. Once a week, once a month. Whatever it is. We take the car in for oil changes to maintain well. Why not the polyship so it can fly right? And yes -- avoid the urge to talk impulsively. Doesn't give anyone time to prepare or clear calendar for a nice block of time without interruption. Treat your polyship like it's something of value and worth making time to tend.

Perhaps starting with good habits like that so all can be heard will also help assuage some of the jealousy fears like you will be somehow left out?

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