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Default What has been left out?

What has been left out?

A lot. I've glossed over some of the hurt. I've not talked about the problem Chipmunks emotional state has brought up. That on my days off, when we are out with friends, or have friends over for the weekend she gets moody. That she has repeatedly gotten moody, emotional, needed, and requiring of Airyn's constant attention leaving me feeling left out. That Airyn's desire to help her have fun when we are all out together and she gets moody, leaves me as the odd man out, ignored. That I have commented to Airyn about it (at his request as it was happening) and that it didn't change the situation.

The issue cause by Chipmunks drunken flirting has been a big one. That the last time we were out drinking with a good friend of mine, he had invited another guy over as well. That Chipmunk was all over him, and telling both myself and Airyn that it doesn't matter what she does, it matter who she goes home with. That night I told her, I'm right here. Trying to tell she can take two steps to me, and touch me, and flirt with me. Now she wasn't kissing this guy, but she was hanging on him, and pulling his shirt up remarking on the hair on his chest. Wolf was there she took 300-500 picture that night. When Chipmunk saw the pictures of her touching this other guy, she hugged Airyn and apologized. It was the beginning of their conversation where Airyn tells her that it has to stop. She has to control that, that she can channel that into flirting with one of us. That what she does matters, not just who she goes home with. Since that night she has chosen not to drink as much when we are out, or having friends over.

Who knows how thing will go from here.
There's more, so much more.

So much disappointment, and sadness.
I just want to forget, I don't want to think about it. I can't change my nature any more then Chipmunk can change hers.

So there it is the bulk of my story. Most of the sad parts anyway. There was a lot of good, and I have good things to look forward to. I'm making friends with some women who actually identify as Bisexual. Hopefully I will get to meet up with one soon and chat face to face.
Bi-sexual female

Married to my high school sweat heart (20 year relationship). Talked about Poly, but put the idea off and had a kid instead. Stumbled into an FFM (Vee) that became an FMF (Vee).

No longer dateing my husbands Girlfriend.

Airyn: My husband (Straight)
Chipmunk: My x-GF, My husbands GF (Straight)
Wolf: my Daughter with Airyn
Boots: Social/Friend dating (Bi) Married
History: Social/Friend dating (Bi) Married

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