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Hi all, thanks for the great replies.
I'm not sure if this is the right time to be posting as Angel was with us last night and I am still riding the wave at this point!!

I am not sure about how the sex high is effecting my feelings, I know that I am most settled and calm when we are all together, whether that's in the bedroom or just when we are all in the same space together.
I read the pdf link GalaGirl posted and scarily almost every item on page 4 I feel at some level, I have really tried to delve into what I feel but can't seem to pin it down to just one or two emotions to work it out.

The page 5 and 6 thing is difficult, they are both involved in a big tournament this weekend and have been focused on training etc. for that all week, so I am really trying to not let this spill out at this stage as the last thing they need is me adding to the dramas, however I am hopefully going to be able to talk to them both after the weekend and lay it all out on the table.

Frustratingly for me as I am starting to feel like a broken record every time I bring this up with my wife but I don't think either of them have done much if any reading or research into what it is we are doing, both Rose and Angel are completely relaxed about the whole thing and seem happy to just go with the flow.
I think my wife may always have been secretly Poly as she is so comfortable with it and Angels only concern is that this does not damage our marriage, I mean they are both being the perfect partners and I should have no reason to feel the way I do, damn it!!

Dingedheart, no Angel does not have any other partners although she did hook up with an old flame whilst she was away but nothing serious, we have not really discussed this in any depth but I think she is getting everything she wants from the two of us at the moment.

Vosh, I read your thread and can't even begin to imagine the pain you are being put through, I wish you all the best and hope it works itself out for you.

Steven, I want to get to where you are now, I am prepared to put in however much work it takes but feel lost as to where and how to start!!


Oh and one other thing, Rose has asked if its OK for them to go away for a weekend to a friends birthday party in a month together, of course I said yes but I already know that it is going to tear me apart if I don't get a handle on this thing before then!!!

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