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Default Closing in on Today: Part 3

He's talking about still being unhappy over the night before, and saying some pretty harsh things about his relationship with Chipmunk. I'm just letting himtalk it out. We switch back and forth from his stressors to mine. Eventually he offers me a second "night cap" as the first wasn't enough. We talk some, but the alcohol is having it's effect and I'm getting sleepy. So he tucks me in bed saying he'll check on me in a bit. But I don't fall right to sleep, I get up to use the bathroom, and then kinda fall back into bed. So when he comes back to check on my I'm half laying in the bed. This worries him so he makes sure I'm awake, and asks if I'm ok, if the room is spinning. I tell him no, no spinning I just had to pee. He's helping me get under the covers again, and I whisper that I want him. He does his manly surprised giggle, and says, to morrow night babe. So then I'm whispering still telling asking him to turn the fan on and tell him thanks, then I'm asleep.

Time to get up for work, I wake just before my alarm goes off, and Airyn walks in the room with me just sitting up in bed. He asks how I feel, and I tell him that I slept soundly. He's in a better mood. It would seem they did talk things out more, and the stress level is more bare able there is less moodiness. I tell him it looks like they will be ok. and since his less moody, and upset I also tell him that if thing get where I see more negative between him and Chipmunk then I do positive that I'll tell him it's looking unhealthy. That as an observer I know that there is both good and bad in any relationship. I tell Airyn that I understand that he will want to talk more about the bad then the good, but that he can come to me about the good things too.

I take care of Wolf's issue with the school with what resource are available to me. She comes home and has more unhappy news. She is being gossiped about in a very hurtful way. It's the first thing she tels me about when she get home. So I talk to her about what our options are, we plan on going to the school and seeing the principle about the issue. I tell Airyn and Chipmunk what is going on, and vent my ire and frustration over it. Friday morning I take Wolf to school. The response is rather lackluster, and Wolf comes home with me for the day. So another stressful day. Airyn and Chipmunk are at odds over her upcoming day with her mom. She told him Thursday night that they would be picking her up at 9am. Since she takes an hour every morning to get up and ready for her day Airyn cynically comments that she'll have to get up at 7am on a Saturday morning. Which upset chipmunk, so she doesn't talk to him for hours again.

We have plans to go to the Fair after dark that Friday night. While we are out I'm texting with my sister, and being dragged from ride to ride by Wolf. We Wolf some get cotton candy. Chipmunk has been texting her X in another state, and Airyn sees a text she is about to send. All he reads is, our song. He fills in the blanks and decides that she's telling her X that they are playing "our song". I have no idea that this has transpired, but he starts just wanting to go home. So we stop and get a funnel cake and head out. Airyn is walking faster then he usually does when we are all together and is about 3 feet ahead of us, and Chipmunk is walking slower then usually about 3 feet behind Wolf and I. I'm just trying to have a good time with the evening. I know that Wolf had a bad day, and is stressed over school gossip, so she and I are chatting along ignoring Airyn and Chipmunk who are again not talking. I tell Airyn it would be nice to go home, turn on some good music and have a few drinks. He agrees, and I ask him if he's up to driving.

Airyn drives us home everyone takes a turn in the bathroom, and we send Wolf to bed. Chipmunk and I are chatting nothing all that important, but she's talking about family and letting some of her frustration out with out talking about what is wrong. Airyn comes back to the kitchen. turns on some music (like I had asked) it's load which is how we always play it. But this time Chipmunk is unhappy about that cause we had been having a quite conversation. She turns it all the way down, after Airyn turn to the counter to start mixing some drinks. Airyn gets irate with her and turns it back up saying if we want quite to talk to go to the bedroom. She tells me we'll talk about it later, I agree and then ask Airyn what he's doing. He making drinks like I'd asked, and I tell him I wasn't sure he really wanted to. I stand up and tell him to just give me a shot of Tully's (an Irish whiskey that we both like). Chipmunk is in a funk, and I still don't know what is bothering them. She gives su kisses and says she going to bed. I say oh yeah you have to get up early tomorrow (Saturday).

A few minutes later Airyn says he needs to talk to Chipmunk and apologize for yelling at her over the music thing. Off he goes, I finish my drink and get on my computer. When he comes back he tells me what he saw on her phone. About her telling her X that they were playing their song, and how this upset him. I asked if she knew he saw, and if he had talked to her about it. She knows he saw, and they haven't talked. It's just stress for the entire week making a big deal out of something that should have been easy to clear up.

The next morning Chipmunk kisses us goodbye, I ask her to let us know when she on her way home so we know if we should wait on her before going out to our friends house as planned. She says she will be home by 6pm. Which is plenty of time for her to join us. Airyn doesn't respond well to her saying good by, and I ask him if they are still mad at each other. I get no answer and we fall back to sleep. A few hours later we are up and talking about breakfast, but it's late in the morning so we decide to go out for brunch instead of lunch. I talk to Wolf about the change of plans, she agreeable and excited to go to a different place. We have heard good things, but never been to Hank's Black Forest Cafe before. It was really good food, and a beer for Airyn. I can see he's upset still, and I comment that I wish there was something I could do to make him happier right now. But don't say anything about Chipmunk. We all go book shopping at Half Price Books. It is great fun, then home again. Airyn decides to take a nap, and I tell Wolf what's up. I nap a little bit with him, but I'm not so great at sleeping midday, so I spend most of my time on the computer. I know that he's just trying to sleep through his upset, and not take out his frustration on me. A couple hours before we will be leaving for our friends place, Airyn gets up and suggest that we go back out. I say ok, and we decide to get everything we are taking together before we leave so we can just stop by the house grab our things and go. We are making fajitas at our friends, and I'm bring part of the ingredients.

A message from Chipmunk comes in saying she is on her way home. We stay home and wait on her. There isn't much time before we leave, but they go off in the other room to talk for a little bit. They still seem stressed when I interrupt to let them know that our friend is home and ready to start cooking. I apologize for interrupting and tell them to take their time. I message my friend that Chipmunk is getting changed, and that I'll let him know when we are headed his way. They come out ready to go, but still stressed and unhappy with each other. We get to our friends house, and start cooking. Chipmunk is looking for a few ingredients that she'll need to make cupcakes. We are low on eggs, and she needs a few other things to make the guacamole, so Airyn and Chipmunk head to the store. I give them kisses, and whisper in Airyns her to talk to her and come back in a happier mood. My Friend and I get to cooking and preping the meat, and starting the rice. Wolf is setting up the board game we brought to play while we eat. When they get back Airyn tells me it was just a misunderstanding, and he'll explain later. Things are less tense, and we end up having fun with our food, game, and drinks. We leave really late in the night or early the next morning how ever you look at it. Chipmunk has a mid day shift so she goes to bed early, Airyn and I stay up later. Talking quietly, and messing around on the computers.

We go off to the kitchen to make coffee, and he tells me about the misunderstanding. That the auto correct on her phone changes PUT to OUR, that she showed him how this happens. Airyn says that she changed it before sending the message,and that she was talking to her X about a song they both like. That it wasn't anything about "our song" at all. Things seem better, and I tell him that they will be fine. I feel the whole episode is a bit odd, but chalk it up to the stress of the week. Sunday is a non-issue day. Monday I'm up at Wolfs school seeing if I can get Friday changed to an excused absence. I feel that she should be excused due to the stress of being bullied, that a student should not be forced to go to school under those circumstances. Wolf goes to class, she nervous, but willing to give it a go. After dropping Wolf off, I let Airyn and Chipmunk know that I'm taking my computer to the kitchen. That I'm waiting on a phone call. I know they were up late together so i let them sleep. An interesting google search greets me when I open my computer. I read through some of the sites they had opened, and I figure out what happened the previous night. The changing of the bed sheet twice in the same day makes more sense to me after what I've been reading. My First thought is well I was right, she's normal. Chipmunk had her first orgasim with Airyn last night. She had previously talked about it saying that she's broken. I had told her that she wasn't broken, just difficult. That it is normal to have these troubles, and that she'll get there one day.
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