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I was reading along, kind of thinking, "Wow, this guy has it rough, until I came to this:

Originally Posted by Vosh View Post
All this and heres the worst part, at her moms urging deny me sex until I show paperwork that I'm clean with no std's while giving her advice on how to deal with me being"possessive" which I'm not but really hurt by this.
Why, after 10 years, is her mother (of all people) suddenly interfering in your sex life, and demanding a clean bill of sexual health? I know I'm very new in this community, but this sends up MASSIVE red flags to me.

Either you've been in a sexual relationship with someone else recently, or they have reason to suspect you have. This isn't coming out of thin air.

Her behavior is reprehensible, there is absolutely no denying that. But I rather suspect yours hasn't been squeaky clean either.
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