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Originally Posted by glowinthedarkstars View Post
I really dont know one way or another. I dont have a gut feeling that tells me im poly or that I am mono for that matter. Likewise I am attracted to both males and females (I have never had any sexual relations with females but am open to doing so) what does this make me? Does it matter?
Have any of you ever wondered these same things or did you just know? I am also only 20, and have only had 2 relationships before so I am new to allll of this stuff in general!
I think you hit ! It DOESN'T matter. Avoid labels whenever possible Labels can put boxes around things that shouldn't be confined.
What matters is that you learn to love & be loved (including by yourself). Numbers don't matter, gender doesn't matter. It just needs to be real & from the heart.
The "wondering" is a natural part of exposure to something new. Try to never lose that ! When we lose our sense of wonder we are dead husks.

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