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My girlfriend and I have been together for ten years and I love her more than anything. But over the last week and a half she has been talking to a friend we both knows and then says she's going to get into a polyamory relatioship with him and I could do two things about it..nothing and like it.
Now no disscution was had about this, my feelings were not taken into consideration, and worst of all her mother thinks I should just go away(slink away as she put it). On top of that she's going over to his place to spend the night tonight and have sex and"play scene".
All this and heres the worst part, at her moms urging deny me sex until I show paperwork that I'm clean with no std's while giving her advice on how to deal with me being"possessive" which I'm not but really hurt by this.
This guy hasn't been tested or shown his paperwork and I'm supposed to be ok with this? Ten years and now this all comes to light.
Can anyone please advise me on this matter?
thanks so much,
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