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Default LOL - That's nothing new

My fiancee and I have been in a poly relationship since the beginning four years ago. We just didn't know what it was called. Her family is conservative fundamentalist and wouldn't approve of us sleeping together much less her having a girlfriend from the time she was in high school.

C is back from Minnesota to visit for a couple of weeks due to an illness in the family. She stayed with her aunt with whom she's close (and who made correct guesses a long time ago) and they had opportunities for long talks. C told her about our 'experimental' relationship, her aunt laughed out loud and said, "That's nothing new, honey, people have been doing that forever. They just never told anybody." And she told her about when she was young and having a close friend and the two of them would sleep over with each other and do 'all sorts of things'. And she then told her about an ancestor of theirs who had two different families in two adjacent small towns, with two sets of kids and the works. And the wives knew each other and all about it. And if anybody knew about it, they didn't talk about it (or maybe they did). And then she told her about "sometimes wives in these little prairie towns being sweet on each other" and supposedly nobody knew (so how did she know?), and about husbands cheating on their wives and it being swept under the carpet for the sake of the kids, but everybody knew what was going on. Just nobody was out about it. For good reason. People are mean and take retribution on those who ignore the tribal rules.

Then her aunt told who her childhood girlfriend was and C said, "OMG, her
!!" C went to school with that woman's kids. And then her aunt asked her to never say anything about it!

By the end of it I was laughing too hard to sit on the kitchen stool. I've met some of those people and it's hilarious.

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