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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Have I experienced weird? Sure. That's why my fav button is "Bi, poly, and I STILL won't sleep with you."
I Love this XD The "ok" strategy is really good, too. I'll be sure to try this out next time I hear something like that.

Something that hapenned too was people saw me and CC together and came up with the most amazing tale about it.
When it reached my ears, "Peaches was an abusive boyfriend and I felt so opressend and sad that I let CC take advantage of the situation". People came to confront Peaches about how he MUST be treating me for me to do something like that. He said he could barely do something other than laugh.
I was bafled on how creative people could be. No one even bothered to ask me or CC what was going on.

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
I've been hit on inappropriately -- because the person assumes that since I am poly I certainly must be promiscuous. But just because I'm poly doesn't mean I want to be poly with YOU. YKWIM?
This happens a lot. People seem to misunderstand "poly and bi" as "I'll take whatever I can" and "I have a threesome with different people every day" for some reason. o.O
Me, female in a V with Peaches, live in boyfriend and CC, boyfriend.
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