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You have a supportive family, and supportive friends and that is a blessing.

What strangers think or comment on -- that's more a reflection of their own beliefs than YOUR beliefs.

I find the easiest answer to be "Ok." Check it out:
"That would only work on theory."
"Ok." (Tada. End of conversation.)

"You only say this because you didn't find the right person."
"Ok." (Tada. End of conversation.)

"You don't understand-- you have not experienced "True Love."
"Ok. (Tada. End of conversation.)

"You are too young. You will eventually change your mind."
"Ok." (Tada. End of conversation.)

Have I experienced weird? Sure. That's why my fav button is "Bi, poly, and I STILL won't sleep with you." I've been hit on inappropriately -- because the person assumes that since I am poly I certainly must be promiscuous. But just because I'm poly doesn't mean I want to be poly with YOU. YKWIM?

I'm not shouting from the streets -- but I lead my life how I want. Right now we present as very "June and Ward Cleaver."

The "you are too young to know your own mind yet" thing? That one burned me the most in my 20's.

But guess what? The answer to that one is "Don't worry. I'll outgrow it."

I outgrew being "too young" and folks had to come up with some other reason for why I dare to live my life like it is MINE to live.

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