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I've always been a competitive "push the comfort zone" type, but within the past couple years, I've been realizing that I don't always WANT to push it anymore.

Being mono in a mono/poly relationship, I've most definitely pushed my comfort zone, and I've recognized areas where it really wasn't doing me any good. It was leading me down the path of how I "should" feel if I could only <fill in the blank>, and I had to step back and realize that nope, this is a limit. I feel okay <here>. I feel like I'm constantly under stress <here>.

At work, I believe I've now hit the point where I'm done "moving up". I've been in a management role for the past couple years and I hate it. I gave it a chance. I'm done. I've found where I completely push myself out of my happiness zone, and I'm tired of being there and not having the time to devote to the work I DO enjoy.

Getting back to some other points in the thread, I may nudge a friend or partner in pushing a comfort zone if it seems like they really WOULD want to do it, but are hedging. I wouldn't push it any further than that, though - no means no.

And as for food? Food IS a comfort zone (mmmmmmmm), so I am completely on-board with trying new things. Although I'd probably hedge at balut or anything similar. There are comfort zones and there are brick walls I can't get past.

I do think pushing the comfort zone serves a purpose, especially with learning and trying new things (I *would* skydive someday - and probably pee myself doing it!), but with certain parts of my life, I'd like to enjoy some well-earned comfort now. Let the young whippersnappers take the torch and run with it.

Now, please pass the boat drinks.

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