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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
What is all that about? You are telling him how you feel and what you want. He cannot accept it? Does he have poor self esteem?
He does, I think. When I said how much I liked him he was like: ...Why?
When I stated all I liked about him, kind of confused by his question, he brought up what he thinks to be his faults and downsides of being with him. I then said that most of that was his poor self esteem talking. And as for the rest, that I don't expect him to be perfect at all times, by any means, nobody is.
He told me he'd never expect for anyone to love him for who he is. And that of all people, me being the one to say this to him was beyond "dreamy".

I worry about the distorted view he has of himself. I really wish I could show him what an awesome person he is. But, for personal experience, Im aware that me telling him all that won't make that much of a diference on the long term. He has to learn to love himself better. And I really wish he does.
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