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They do know each other. As I mentined, CC was my best friend before I had this relationship of sorts with him, and there were days when he, me and Peaches hung out together, just the three of us. The dynamics were good between them, even after CC and I were already flirting and I had talked about him with Peaches, too.

They even sat down to talk about this, after the first time CC and I kissed. CC felt like he should get on the same page with Peaches about it, and asked me if he could come to him and talk about it. (this kind of thing keeps making me believe he's serious about us and about trying to make thing work) I then arranged for them to meet and talk, and everything seemed fine. (but then two weeks latter he snaps about "liking me too much") Maybe it is a good idea that we sit down again, the three of us, and work things out better.

I talked with CC yesterday.
I did my best to explain how much I enjoy being with him and how much I liked him. Then I got to what the issue actually is.
He told me he felt the same, but he couldn't understand why would I like him so much. He said how he firmly believed there was no room in my life for him besides being FWB.
He didn't believe I was capable of ever seeing anything more than that in him, and I feel tremendously silly right now.
Kills me to think I let him in the dark about how I felt and all this time he was strugling to accept that he has feelings for me but could never tell me or act on them fully. Or that he spent months thinking I had no reason to love him.

Thanks a lot for the advice. As always, lack of comunication is what caused the issues. I am happy now, since I know me and CC apear to be on the same page with our feelings for each other. I'm happy to see how relieved and happy he was while hearing me describe how I feel.
Now we only have to take things slow and keep comunicating a lot, and I believe we can make it work!
Me, female in a V with Peaches, live in boyfriend and CC, boyfriend.
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