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Keep in mind you are having lots of fun new sex. That can cause a lot of brain hormone dump. It can take a few days to clear your body. Or you could be suffering "Wheee!" withdrawal when you are not getting hormone hits from the happy sexing. That could be magnifying the other things like jealousy and make it seem more dire than it is.

I am not minimizing your feelings -- they are whatever you feel. Just pointing out that you could have layers going on there all at the same time. Maybe have to work through it one layer at a time.

It is worst when they are both away together training or whatever and it also rears its ugly head when my wife is home with me but is constantly texting Angel on her phone.
Well, it is good that you ID the times it happens. Do you also ID what your body is doing at the trigger time? All of that is called "spotting." My dad has to learn to do that for his conditions but really it's a general healthy thing to do -- keep your thoughts in good order. Then you are not feeding the black wolf "what iffing" all kinds of scenarios.

This describes the spotting method

In the method they have to pick a tool to try to deal with the trigger situation. This doesn't expand on the tool but gives a sentence describing the tool phrase...perhaps that could help erase some of the "what if" working yourself up stuff?

How do I destroy this stupid feeling before it destroys me, the new relationship, the old relationship or even all three.

Name the TYPE of jealousy. Perhaps look at this article to help you?

Are you doing all your page 5 things? Are they doing the page 6 things?

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