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I am glad you spoke up on the

you <----> K tier of this polyship.

Now... when does the talk in TRIO happen? The tier of

you + Abe + K ?

Working together as a team, as the larger polyship group? That could happen next so everyone is on the same page as to expectations, code of conduct, rights, responsibilities, etc. The "how are we going to be together so we are in right relationship?" stuff. You have to come to agreements so the polyship can fly well.

But again -- good for you for speaking up. I totally agree with snowmelt:

Originally Posted by snowmelt
The most important part of what you did, in my opinion, is give yourself the experience of standing up for yourself and speaking your mind with good boundaries. That confidence and character building experience will stay with you, regardless of what Abe and K do.
We teach others how we want to be treated. Hopefully they learn it, and then treat us the way we want to be treated consistently.


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