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Thumbs up.

My sister frequently uses a wheelchair due to issues with her feet (too complicated for me to fully understand, much less explain).

I don't know what CP stands for. Cerebral Palsy? I'm guessing out of left field.

But it sounds like some of the same complications that my stepdad deals with from his Parkinson's. His body sends the wrong messages-so his hands/arms shake at times and he has trouble gripping things that are small. The most frustrating for him is that he can't always get his mouth to move the way he needs to in order to make the words that he is thinking-but his brain is FINE and he gets SO frustrated!

My friend is deaf and has cerebral palsy. He doesn't use a wheelchair. He walks very differently-almost more like he's dancing-or at least that's how I've always thought of it.
We attended a dance together years ago when I was in college the first time around. He can't hear the music but he can feel the bass-so he LOVES songs that have heavy bass.
Anyway-it was interesting watching the difference in how people reacted to him on the dance floor-versus how they reacted when he was just walking through the halls.
The motions that left them feeling awkward around him elsewhere, were similar to everyone else's motions on the dance floor-and so they didn't bring a lot of attention his way.

Anyway, I never really thought much about his cerebral palsy outside of that reference and the fact that I learned sign language from him-and some of the things I took for granted, weren't actually part of the signs-but were extraneous motions his body makes that had nothing to do with sign language,
so when I was trying to communicate with other deaf people, they would sometimes stare at me in consternation as I signed-because my motions weren't making sense to them.
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